From the recording BE STILL

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Since , I found my saviour I have joy peace and happiness in my soul.


 In my life there is joy just because the spirit of the lord is upon me.<br />
 All problems have gone out of my way,                                                      I have the holy spirit in me.<br />
<br />
Chorus: <br />
<br />
The holy spirit is my light.<br />
There is no more darkness in my life<br />
I can now see my way to heaven.<br />
<br />
Weeping and sorrow is now a thing of the past<br />
Because I have the holy spirit.<br />
Poverty has gone out of my life.<br />
Because, I have the holy spirit<br />
<br />
God's hand is so powerful.<br />
It protects me, and I feel I have extra ordinary power in me.<br />
That gives me strength.